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5 Unconfirmed Kanye In Wyoming Sightings

Recent reports that Kanye West has retreated to a Wyoming mountaintop to make his next album have led to a surge in the number of Kanye sightings in the area. Real or not, here is a round-up of the latest alleged Kanye sightings from Wyoming residents:

Jennifer, Park Ranger:

‘It was kind of far away, but I ‘m pretty sure I saw a figure in a velour tracksuit and shutter shades walk directly into the river, grab a salmon right out of a grizzly bear ‘s mouth, and declare the shark the greatest predator of all time. ‘

Ben, Rancher:

‘The other night I heard something frightening the livestock. Now I don ‘t know much about popular culture or rap music, but I ‘m pretty sure it was Kanye. I clearly heard someone yelling at my cows that he was the next Steve Jobs. ‘

Brenda, Wildlife Biologist:

‘I was out birdwatching early in the morning. I can ‘t explain it, but I could feel someone watching me. I thought I caught a figure out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned, it was gone. That ‘s when I noticed something on the trunk of a tree: Someone had carved a heart, and inside they had etched: ‘Myself. And also KK, I guess. ‘ ‘

Greg, Sculptor:

‘I was displaying some of my work at a local arts show when a gentleman I didn ‘t recognize in designer sunglasses and a leather skirt came up and started looking at some of my wildlife figurines. He asked if I could carve his face into stone. I said I had never done anything like that, but I asked him what size stone he had in mind. He pointed to a mountain in the distance and said ‘That. ‘ ‘

Jennifer, Park Ranger:

‘Yeah, me again. This time, I ‘m positive it was him. He walked up to me, introduced himself, and demanded to be a national park. ‘

Jasper, Actual Gold Digger:

‘Ain ‘t ever heard of such a thing. What in the Sam Hill is a Kanye? ‘

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