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Our Favorite Comments And Threats Of The Week

Only through criticism can we grow and better ourselves as human beings. For this reason, we poured through every single Funny Or Die comment from the last week and picked out the most biting feedback we could find. Take a look, you ‘unfunny liberal misogynists. ‘

Note: These are real, actual user comments. If you have a great / funny / hurtful comment maybe you ‘ll see it in next week ‘s recap!

Great comment. Strong, specific imagery and a clear rhetorical voice. Easily rises above the generic ‘this page should die already ‘ comments we see receive on a daily basis.

This works for me because it evokes a feeling of genuine pity.

Our videos aren ‘t just unfunny. They ‘re depressingly unwatchable.

A layered insult that suggests our videos are so incoherent that they only make sense if you ‘re not in a right state of mind.


Not only does he get in a jab at us, but he takes down Starbucks.

Two giants. Slain.

I like that Chris calls out the author of this article, but never looked up that author ‘s name.

A fun parody title for the Cypress Hill song ‘Insane In The Membrane ‘ that takes a well-deserved shot at the patriarchy.


Specific and topical. Hollywood was buzzing for weeks about a possible writers ‘ strike and John has harnessed the zeitgeist for a very personal dig at the FOD writers. He also clarifies his position at the end as to whether or not he finds this video funny.

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