By: Steven Tobiasz

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7 Rejected Russian Ideas For Swaying the 2016 Election

As reported by U.S. news agencies, it ‘s believed a Putin-led think tank came up with the idea for successfully swaying 2016 presidential election. Below are the rejected ideas that were also created by the same think tank.

1. Clone Bernie Sanders

Clone Bernie Sanders and have him run as an independent confusing his supporters on who to support and resulting in too much of a vote share and a Clinton loss.

2. Blame Hillary For Beyonc ‘ Losing

Plant a story stating that Hillary Clinton was the deciding vote for Album of the Year at the Grammy ‘s and that despite being friends with Beyonc ‘, she voted against her.

3. Release Packs Of Wild Bears

Release packs of illegal imported Russian bears into major cities and hope they only eat Democrats.

4. Replace Hillary On the Ballot

Hack the electronic voting database and change Hillary ‘s name on every ballot to the devil emoji and hope it scares people away from voting for her.

5. Bribe Republicans in Congress

Illegally pay Republicans in Congress to pass a bill requiring all voters to watch season two of True Detective in its entirety, without complaining, before being allowed to vote. All in an effort to suppress eligible voters from turning out.

6. Make The Vote A Yes Or No Question

Hack the electronic voting database and change the voting option a simple Yes or No question with all ‘Yes ‘ answers counting for Trump.

7. Do nothing.

Do nothing and have faith that the American people will just elect Trump themselves based on his likeability.

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