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9 Of The Best Ways To Have Fun In National Parks After Hours

The United States is filled with beautiful national parks, but here ‘s the thing: the National Park Service says you can ‘t hang there 24/7. Although what if you could sneak in after hours? That ‘d be pretty awesome and here ‘s the stuff you should do!

Finally get your hands on some quality sticks

Warn grizzly bears about Betsy DeVos

Prank everyone by rearranging all the trees

Get all your coworkers together and fill the Grand Canyon up with balloons on the morning of your boss ‘s birthday

Hug a tree without fear of judgment

Venture out into a beautiful nook deep in the woods and play Candy Crush

Spend eight hours selecting which nature photo you ‘ll post on Facebook to fool people into thinking you ‘re happy

Recreate Charmin ads with your favorite bears

Slaughter sexually active teens

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