By: Ryan Haney

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You Guys, I Still Think We Gotta Give Trump A Chance

After Donald Trump ‘s divisive victory in the presidential election, there was a call to his non-supporters to give him a chance to lead. I was never much of a fan of Trump ‘s (more of a Gary Johnson man myself), but I decided to cut the guy a little slack and see what he could do.

But after the turmoil that engulfed the White House this week, I think it ‘s about time we all reassessed our expectations of our President. I certainly did. And I still think we have to give President Trump a chance.

For me, it ‘s so much easier to believe that our President is a bombastic, if slightly unconventional, leader who is still figuring out how to use the Washington machine to Make America Great Again rather than confront the looming reality that Trump is an ignorant narcissist with little agenda beside inflating his own self-image. I guess you could say I just choose to see the best in people!

A lot of people were up in arms when it was reported that President Trump told classified intelligence regarding an ISIS plot to a Russian ambassador when he visited the White House last week. Apparently, it ‘s an extra sticky situation because the information had been given to us by Israel, who made us promise not to give it to anyone else.

I know that all sounds pretty bad, but I say we see where Trump is going with this.

Don ‘t forget President Trump is a dealmaker. Maybe he leaked this intel to ‘neg ‘ Israel into giving us even juicier secrets? Maybe he was trying to embarrass the Russians into sharing some intel of their own, like when someone gives you a Christmas gift unexpectedly and then you have to wrap a bluetooth speaker in a Walgreens bag in your bathroom? Maybe one of the ambassador ‘s aides told a joke that didn ‘t hit and President Trump was kindly trying to save him from embarrassment by changing the subject?

There has gotta be in ace up ol ‘ Donald ‘s sleeve, otherwise he ‘d just be some idiot who goes around blabbing the secrets of one of our staunchest allies in the Middle East to the country that successfully tampered with our most recent election just to momentarily sate the gaping void of his ego. And that is a reality that my fragile psyche simply refuses to accept.

There was also a bit of noise when President Trump went and fired FBI Director James Comey. The President said it was because of how Comey handled that whole thing with Hillary Clinton ‘s emails, but I guess things looked a little fishy because Comey had just requested additional funding for the investigation into whether members of Trump ‘s campaign colluded with the Russians on interfering with our election. Plus, President Trump had asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to him and to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for his ties to Russia, both of which Comey refused.

Pretty wild stuff, huh? A lot of hot-heads out there are saying that President Trump ‘s behavior is grounds for impeachment. Well, I don ‘t know about you guys, but think it ‘s best to just sit back and watch how this all plays out.

There is still plenty of time for the President to pull a rabbit out of his hat at the end of all of this. After all, he ‘s a wily businessman who somehow turned a strip of bankrupt casinos into millions of dollars in personal profit. It could be that he ‘s going turn polish this turd into a diamond, too! It could be that President Trump is hard at work turning what is on its face an obtuse obstruction of justice into the start of a new golden era of ethics in Washington. I don ‘t know how he ‘s gonna do it. That ‘s up to President Trump. He was the one with a cameo in Home Alone 2, not me.

The other possibility is that Donald Trump lacks even a crumb of morality and is treating the Presidency as just another opportunity to enrich himself. If that were the case, then his attempts to snuff out the investigations into his wrongdoings are either born of incredible arrogance or stupidity. Having a man like that at the head of the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth sounds like some kind of living Hell and I don ‘t like to think that I am living in Hell.

Truth is President Trump is in the weeds on a lot of issues. He ‘s jeopardizing decades of our foreign policy work. He ‘s blindly championing a disaster of a healthcare overhaul. He ‘s giddily provoking North Korea to demonstrate its nuclear capabilities.

Call me naive, but I like to think he has a plan to right the ship. Like, you know, Ivanka?

Yes! Ivanka! Ivanka has got to be the voice of reason in that White House, slowly but surely using her close relationship with her father to steer him towards centrist policies that will actually benefit some middle class American families. Please do not tell me that she is asking the American public to confuse her father ‘s nepotism as some kind of feminist victory while simultaneously washing her hands of any responsibility for his decision making. Because that is not the kind of Wednesday that I am trying to have. No sir, it is not.

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