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The National Mood Will Be Improved When Christopher Nolan Tells Us Whether Or Not That Goddamn Totem Fell

Caution: This article contains spoilers for the 7-year-old movie Inception. If you haven ‘t seen it, you ‘re out of your fricken mind and need to go watch it immediately. Then come back and read this.

The National Mood. A statistic that measures how the people living in the country are currently feeling. Politicians argue over it. They fight about which candidates have the best chance to improve the national mood. But, personally, I think that the national mood will be improved once Christopher Nolan tells us whether or not that goddamn totem fell.

This goddamn totem. Right here.

In Nolan ‘s 2010 science fiction masterpiece Inception, a totem is an object used to test if you are in a dream or reality.At the end, Dominick Cobb returns home to his children, having had his murder charge cleared by Saito. Finally in his home again, Dom spins his totem, which is an awesome looking top that used to belong to his wife. If it spins endlessly,he is in a dream. If it stops and topples over, he ‘s in real life. He looks at it to make sure he is in reality, but then turns away to hug his kids in the garden. The top keeps spinning ‘

I can ‘t be the only one who ‘s been up nights wondering whether or not Cobb has finally been united with his family, finally knowing the safety and security we longed for him to obtain, finally getting his much deserved peace. OR if he ‘s just in another layer of dream. If the national mood is supposed to measure of how I ‘m feeling, I can only imagine it will SURGE if we were to find out.

I know this because even seven years later, even when great things happen in my life, there is still something eating at the back of my mind. This uncertainty is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of it can grow. It can grow to define or destroy us.

Of course, there is plenty of evidence to point either way. The top teeters, leaving some to think it is about to fall before we cut to black. But, the way the other people look at him at the immigration check point and the dreamlike shot of his return have caused many to argue it keeps spinning. BUT they could have been looking at him to build suspense as to whether Saito had actually fulfilled his promise. OR they could have been dream security. And GODDAMMIT I just don ‘t feel like having a strong national mood with questions like that just hanging there.

And I could go on and on. Sure, I ‘m not making much money. Sure I ‘m worried about our government. Sure, we have plenty of other problems. But, this is the main thing that would lift my mood. This.

So, Christopher Nolan, if you ‘re reading this (and I truly hope you are), the nation is in limbo right now. You ‘re the only one who can make us feel better. It ‘s not in the politicians ‘ hands, it ‘s in yours. We need a big kick to get the national mood up. If you don ‘t, we ‘ll be lost here till our brains turn to scrambled egg. Wake up this country, Mr. Nolan. You can do it.

We are an old nation, filled with regret. Let us be young again.

Sorry for the swearing.

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