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10 Excuses For Not Knowing There Was Another ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Coming Out

The first ‘Pirates of the Caribbean ‘ movie came out in 2003. After fourteen years of sequels this franchise can be a little difficult to keep track of. In fact, there ‘s ANOTHER movie! Here ‘s what you ‘re saying about why you had no idea.

‘Have been stuck on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean ‘ ride for 5 years. ‘

‘I only read the first two books. ‘

‘I ‘ve been too busy correcting everyone ‘s pronunciation of Caribbean. ‘

‘It wasn ‘t referenced in any of the fifteen ‘Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ post-credit scenes. ‘

‘Not in the Bible. ‘

‘Blocked all pirates on twitter. ‘

‘I thought ‘Captain Phillips ‘ was the final one. ‘

‘Donald Trump hasn ‘t tweeted about it. ‘

‘Too busy pillaging. ‘

‘My hand can make me cum. ‘

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