By: Uncle Function

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President Donald Trumpet

A press conference with the 45th President of the United States – Donald Trumpet | An Uncle Function Produnction | Directed by: Andy Zou? | | @CyJackX Written by: Chris Cafero? Sound by: Fernando Frandy Castillo | @FrandyCodes Editting by: Janna Emig? Featuring: Chris Cafero, Russell Daniels, Jessica Frey, Douglas Goodhart? and Gianmarco Soresi? Join the FUNction, uncle or not: Uncle Function is: Chris Cafero? | | @ChrisCafero Russell Daniels? Jessica Frey? | | @Jay_Frey @Douglas Goodhart | | @TheDouglasG Gianmarco Soresi? | | @GianmarcoSoresi

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