By: Mike Jungman

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Your Move: An Acquaintance Just Endorsed Your Skill ‘Leadership’ on LinkedIn

It ‘s happened to all of us – you ‘re minding your own business, going about your day, when you receive an email or notification that someone you barely know has endorsed one of your ‘skills ‘ on LinkedIn. ‘What does this weirdo want from me!? ‘ you scream, shaking your fist at the sky. First thing ‘s first: Don ‘t panic. People who endorse other people ‘s skills on LinkedIn are often just as scared and confused as you are. How to handle the situation depends on the type of person who initiated the encounter.

High School Acquaintance

Why they endorsed you: they need someone to organize the 10 year high school reunion and since you moved away from your hometown and have a job you seem responsible enough to do it

What do you do: endorse them for ‘farts ‘ to show them you aren ‘t mature enough to handle whatever they want from you; delete your LinkedIn profile

College Acquaintance

Why they endorsed you: they are six figures in debt, their B.A. in ‘media theory ‘ isn ‘t helping them find work, and they desperately need someone to hook them up with a job

What do you do: direct message them a link to; delete your LinkedIn profile

Social Acquaintance

Why they endorsed you:they are stalking you across social media and realized LinkedIn will tell you they visited your page so they endorsed one of your skills out of panic to make it look like a networking thing

What do you do: block them across your 20-something social media apps; delete your LinkedIn profile

Family Acquaintance

Why they endorsed you: your mom lied to the women in her bridge club about what you do for a living and one of them followed up then endorsed you to send you the messagethat they know

What do you do: call your mom and tell her that plenty of people are still freelancing in their 30s and she doesn ‘t need to lie about what you do; delete your LinkedIn profile

Work Acquaintance

Why they endorsed you:they are trying to get out of this shit hole and want a reciprocal endorsement

What do you do:tell everyone in the office about the treacherous coworker is trying to jump ship; delete your LinkedIn profile

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