By: Alex Pearson

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Petty: This Man Climbed El Capitan Without a Rope Instead of Seeing Wonder Woman

We get it. Men can be superheroes too.

Talk about excessive. This weekend, Alex Honnold didn ‘t just not go see Wonder Woman, even though everyone agreed it was awesome. He went out to Yosemite Park and climbed a giant mountain known as El Capitan without a rope. So while Gal Gadot was establishing herself as the queen of action, I guess this guy decided to make himself the queen of drama. Mission accomplished, guy.

You didn ‘t have to use a rope. A rope just happens to be Wonder Woman ‘s favorite thing to use. Real subtle, dude.

And yes, you proved that you can still show off your nipples and be a legitimate badass. Something you obviously went to great lengths to try to convince Gal Gadot. Rest assured, she still doesn ‘t care.

Did Alex Honnold have to go make a scene the exact same weekend Wonder Woman opened? No.

Could he have just not worn a seatbelt on his way to the movie theater to see Wonder Woman instead? Probably.

I hope it was worth it, Honnold. Wonder Woman has like a 93 on Rotten Tomatoes, which is like a 250 for DC movies. You still haven ‘t even qualified for a Rotten Tomatoes score. Enjoy your beautiful view or whatever. Good luck finding any popcorn up there. And if you do, make sure to eat it without a bag.

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