By: Beaker

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Idris Elba Got Stuck In This Well And I Tried To Help Him And Now I’m Stuck Too


You know what you don ‘t see much ‘. WOW! I was going to say ‘wells, ‘ but here ‘s a well right in front of me!

Wait. What ‘s that noise? There ‘s a voice coming from the well. It ‘s Idris Elba!

He says he ‘s trapped.

Don ‘t worry, Idris, I ‘ll get you out.

No, it ‘ll be quicker if I don ‘t go for help.

Don ‘t be silly, I won ‘t fall in.


I ‘ve fallen in.


I landed on Idris. He ‘s not hurt, but when he got up he made a joke about it being like a baby horse landing on him.


A baby horse is called a foal. Idris said he knew this but I saw him saying ‘foal, foal, foal ‘ to himself afterwards.


Been trying to call for help but there ‘s no signal. Idris laughed when I got my phone out. He said it was because of something he heard yesterday, but he was looking at my iphone 4.


Idris told me he was researching for a role in a movie about goblins when he got stuck. When I asked the name of the movie he said he couldn ‘t tell me because of confidenteialty (sp?). He asked me if I ‘d ever seen a goblin.


Idris Well-ba.


Suggested I get on Idris ‘ shoulders to try and climb up. He looked at me and shook his head. Suggested he get on my shoulders, but he just laughed.


We ‘re out. I heard Idris tell the fireman that he wasn ‘t trapped, he was practicing martial arts. Tried to ride in the fire engine but Idris said there was another one coming. Then they drove off.

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