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5 Historical Teams Better Than The 2017 Warriors

Ever since Kevin Durant joined Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, this year ‘s Golden State Warriors have been an undeniable contender for greatest team in history. Not so fast though. Here are five teams from history would definitely have the upper hand on the Warriors.

The 1996 Chicago Bulls

Maybe we ‘re too nostalgic, but there will never be a perfect combination of talent and competitive fire like Michael Jordan. And this Bulls team was his best. There ‘s a reason most experts use this squad as the gold standard for great NBA teams.

The 1996 US Women ‘s Gymnastics Team

The Magnificent Seven. Pound for pound, they just have more versatility and depth than this year ‘s Warriors team. And frankly, not even Kevin Durant and Steph Curry combined could match Kerri Strug ‘s heart.

The 1776 Continental Congress

No matter what the 2017 Warriors ultimately accomplish, it would be tough to argue they outdid the bad boys of Philly in 1776. With all-stars like Jefferson, Franklin, and the Adams boys and key role players like Hancock and Harrison, these legends will always overshadow Golden State.

Woodward and Bernstein

You can make a valid case for Durant and Curry having more talent than Woodward and Bernstein, but in terms of tenacity and hustle, no question the Post players are head and shoulders above. Individually, maybe they don ‘t match up with the Warriors ‘ best, but combined, they established themselves as an unstoppable force.

Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

Bigger star. More firepower.

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