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Which Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Movie Are You?

Best friends, big laughs, and over-the-top action; just a few of the things we expect from any Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg joint.

To gear you up for the new season of their show ‘Preacher ‘ on AMC, take this quiz and find out which of their movies is you!

Because nothing says ‘stable personality ‘ like identifying as a film.

Your best friend confides in you a really messed-up secret. How do you respond?

After years of separation the love of your life returns to town, pissed off. What do you do?

Someone tells you God doesn’t exist. You say:

You have found yourself in the possession of an awesome new power that makes anyone do what you want. What is the first thing you do?

What is a typical Saturday night for you?

A very wealthy man decided he wants your house and is at your doorstep to force you to sign it over. What do you do?

Your dad is about to die. What is the last thing you say to him?

You’re in a boring relationship and you want to break up. What do you do?

You find out that your child’s bus driver is a registered sex offender. How do you react?

You and your two best friends are about to go on an epic road trip. Where is your first stop?

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