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36 Times Michael Jordan Wore a Terrible Outfit

Genetically speaking, Michael Jordan has proven to humanity that he is among the world ‘s most talented athletes. Jean-etically speaking, his fashion sense is a mix between a Kid Rock themed wedding and a blindfolded Jay Leno. Jordan, a 6-time NBA champion, has had one of the most storied careers in professional sports. Unfortunately for Michael, he is about to face his toughest opponent yet, the Funny or Die fashion police. Grab some popcorn, slip into your coziest JNCO Jeans, and get ready for the world ‘s worst fashion show.

Jordan throwing out the opening pitch at the World Series of Denim
MJ used the extra canopy material to make himself a suit.
Air Capone!
Jordan and Roy Williams painting the town White.
Granted a White Sox uniform isn ‘t technically a fashion offense, Michael was out of line wearing it to a funeral
‘Your best bet at any TJ Maxx is to head straight for the bargain bins ‘
The Michael Jordan Mullet – Corduroy on top, Austin Powers ‘ boots on the bottom.
I didn ‘t realize ‘MVP ‘ stood for ‘Most Veloured Person ‘
‘Hey now / I ‘m an All-Star / Time for Smashmouth / Cos-play ‘
This jacket? I got it in that dumpster over there.
MJ was cut from the original Matrix film due to creative differences with production (it was the jeans).
The Chameleon of the Crowne Plaza
To be fair, this photo was taken during ‘Dress Like a 7th Grader Going to His First Dance Day ‘
Co-ESPY Winner for ‘Biggest Upset in a Marshall ‘s Dressing Room ‘
Given their many interactions, Jordan has developed a nice relationship with the fashion police over the years.
In addition to acquiring the Charlotte Bobcats in 2010, Michael also made an investment in beige JNCO jeans.
45 ‘ really?!
Come on Mike, a man died!
MJ calls this look ‘Weekend off from the Military/Patron at a nightclub in Weehawken, New Jersey ‘
Now can be seen at the Pandora: World of Avatar In Disney ‘s Animal Kingdom.
Following the fashion show, which Jordan threw for himself, critics described the event as ‘confusing ‘ and ‘baggy ‘.
Hey bud? Did ya not see the wet paint sign? It ‘s okay if you didn ‘t. Ya know, maybe we ‘re being a little hard on you.
Okay, now this outfit isn ‘t that bad. Actually, you look pretty nice. Maybe we were quick to judge you. Sorry about that, MJ!
Are you trolling us? Seriously, we need to know.
UGH, fine! You asked for it! Let the side-by-side photos begin!
Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar ‘ and then had them made into a shirt?
You ‘re one fedora away from being Dick Tracy McGrady!
If not for the parachute pants, maybe you would have been invited to sell us pistachio nuts instead of PSY
Jordan (right) enjoying a day on the beach
Hugh Hefner may wear the same jacket, but even he knows not to leave the house in it.

Okay, maybe you ‘re not seeing this from our perspective. Many considered you the greatest basketball player of all time. As fans, we want to respect you. But frankly, it ‘s hard to do that when you ‘re seamlessly Photoshopped into to an Entourage golf outing.

Wait, is this even Photoshopped? Damn it. This is the problem, MJ!
Is this Photoshopped or do you actually tour with a ska band?! Why are you making this so hard?
Are you even at this JNCO Jean meet-up? Wait, are JNCO Jean meet-ups ‘ a thing? Is this whole picture fake? What is happening?

How about this. Why don ‘t you send us a photo.

Now this is wonderful! Thanks for sending this over. You both look dashing! Mike, we knew you could do it. WAIT! Computer, zoom out!

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