By: Scout Durwood

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The Wedding Song

TAKE ONE THING OFF – album out now! download link: Blue Elan Records Song by Scout Durwood and Dave Darling Video by Matt Mazany and Ian Skalski Graphics by Chris Poole I ‘m a passionate and avid recycler so I ‘m dating my ex one thing we agree on is that we don ‘t want a traditional wedding I get that we go through the motions now and call that, like, just what a wedding is but who was the first person to be like: I want to throw a love party and at that party I ‘m gonna wear white but then nobody else at the party gets to wear white what? why? but some of my friends are gonna wear a different dress in a matching color and the color is going to match the accent color on my flowers and when I finish with my flowers I ‘m gonna throw it at them what? why would you throw flowers at your friends? you just bought them dresses oh no, they ‘ll buy their own dresses how do you pick which of your friends have to wear this special dress? a mixture of personal preference and social obligation fine also, I want a cake ok, what kind of cake? I don ‘t know we ‘ll call a baker see what kind of cake they make NOOOOOOOOOOOO I need to try all the kinds of cake but you ‘ve had cake before? I want a day of tasting! red cake, yellow cake marble cake, carrot cake, blue cake, princess cake, lemon cake I need to try all the kinds of cake this party sounds expensive what ‘s your budget? I feel like it should cost as much as college but have no meaning to anyone but me wow, that ‘s crazy and I want it to take place off a remote island off the coast of mexico I didn ‘t know you were mexican I ‘m not then why would you make your friends and family travel to mexico? they have vacation days! also I want presents but I get to pick the presents! that ‘s a wedding

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