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17 New Beer Pong Trick Shots

So you ‘re at a party with your boys, crushing some Naty Lights, running the pong table, right? But how can you really light things up? The Ceiling Bounce, and The Gentlemen ‘s Shot have been done already, so try some of these NEW BEER PONG TRICK SHOTS to take your bro-ing down, to a whole ‘nother level!

The Mystery Cup

You fill the entire table with cups, and if the player can guess the cup with beer in it, and make it in, they get to clear all those empty cups out of the way. This can alternatively work if you simply throw the ball at the person that put all those extra cups in the way.

The Stealth Mode

You turn off all the lights so it ‘s pitch black, then try to play. Who knows what ‘ll happen?!

The Fireball

You light the ball on fire then throw it at the cup. If you make it, drink two cups. If you miss, call 911 because you probably need the fire department.

The Baby

If a baby takes the celeb shot and makes it in, it ‘s worth 2 cups AND a bottle.

The Hookshot

If you can successfully hit a cup with that hand that is a hook because you lost it in ‘the accident ‘, it counts as two cups.

The Sleeper

If you can successfully take a nap on the table during the game, you get a cup; but you must remain asleep for minimum 2 hours for it to count. *Note – when sleeping on the table, surrounding players and spectators are allowed to throw things at you or write on your face as much as they want.

The Mansplain

You hit the last cup while also mansplaining that this is actually Beirut, not Beer Pong. You automatically lose and have to leave and are forever not allowed back to that house.

The Outsider

If you shoot from outside the house, whether through a window, the open door, the chimney, whatever, technically it counts as 3 cups, but then you have to stay out there also, so shooter beware!

The Eminent Domain

If you crush the balls instead of throwing them, this establishes your dominance and the house is now yours.

The BFFs

If both players shoot at the same time and the balls hit each other in the air, it means you ‘re best friends; awwwww.

The DC Universe

If you ‘ve missed several shots in a row and are inexcusably terrible, then you have a woman take a shot and she immediately and effortlessly makes a cup, it counts as two.

The Barrel Roll

As your partner shoots the ball, you lift the table, flip it 360 degrees horizontally, and don ‘t spill any of the cups, then if the ball goes in, it counts as an autowin; definitely worth trying this at a friend ‘s house, especially if it ‘s their parents ‘ house!

The Selfie

If you are at any point taking selfies, or streaming the game on Facebook Live, the game is over, the party is over, everyone goes home because you ‘re the worst. *Note – This rule applies to all live streaming services, Instagram, Snap, etc.

The Think Piece

This is when you have everyone sit in a circle on the floor, and discuss the underlying implications of beer pong, it ‘s rules, it ‘s gameplay, and it ‘s surrounding culture, in terms of the inherent offensive nature of its mere existence. While musing over the subtext of beer pong, if you can get the ball in all the cups, you ‘ll win, though really no one wins, so technically it doesn ‘t count.

The Revenant

If you fight off a bear while hitting cups, you not only win the game, but may even win a long deserved trophy of some sort; double win!

The Fatality [Version 1]

The ‘Fatality ‘ is when you tear off your face, breath fire on your opponent, then hit a cup. Alternatively, you can also tear the opponent ‘s head off their body at the neck and hold it up in celebration, then hit a cup; either works. If the opposing team didn ‘t make any cups before you perform the fatality, it is called a ‘Flawless Victory ‘.

The Fatality [Version 2]

This is an alternate definition of the ‘Fatality ‘. It ‘s more of a West Coast ‘thing ‘, but they define it as when a player hits the last cup, then immediately thereafter dies. This makes them ‘The Champion ‘, and the title can only be taken by the next person to successfully perform the ‘Fatality ‘.

Those are just a few new trick shots. Try them out at the next party under the deck at Jason ‘s parents ‘ house this summer!

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