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Courage! This 39-Year-Old Finance Coordinator Shaved His Head In Solidarity With LeBron

‘I ‘m sick of standing around and witnessing all the problems we have but not taking any action.”Take notes, America. Steven Delmar, a 39-year old finance coordinator based in Charlotte (North Carolina) has proven that there is still hope for 2017. By standing, bald, side by side with millionaire/super athlete LeBron James, Steven has shown (in epic fashion) that empathy hasn ‘t died yet. “I couldn ‘t let him fry out there all alone. ‘ Steven decided after seeing LeBron ‘s Instagram post this morning where he revealed his new, bald look.

harsh response from the internet

‘I first thought, along with the rest of the country: ‘Damn, this guy looks like an egg headed idiot. ‘ ‘ LeBron is, in most people ‘s minds, the best basketball player on the planet. He has countless awards and credits to tack onto his Hall of Fame career. He is a self made millionaire with the work ethic of a god. However, this new bald thing compromises his legacy in more ways than one. ‘I mean, he ‘s always been a 10/10 on my attractiveness scale, ‘ a rating system Steven has created to rate celebrities and also coworkers solely based on looks, ‘but he has also always had pretty busted hair. Now that he has shaven his head clean, I knew somebody had to step up and join him in support. ‘ It ‘s an extremely brave and heroic act of selflessness that everyone, like me, should acknowledge and praise.

The newly bald James


‘ Steven quoting the movie 'Wonder Woman' (2017)

Steven heroically decided to support LeBald James but he says it wasn ‘t immediate or easy. ‘I mean, I never really had good hair, ‘ Steven admitted, ‘but I never imagined that I ‘d one day be a bald headed freak. ‘ Steven recalls the beginning of LeBron ‘s hair loss. He remembers thinking that it would be a shame if James went fully bald, because there has never been a famous person, especially a basketball player, that has recovered from balding. ‘We live in a sad society where, no matter what race or sex or orientation you are, if you ‘re bald, you deserve to be shot down in the street and thrown into the ocean with the other gross, hairless animals. ‘ Steven hopes that him and LeBron can put an end to that cultural horror.

A leap of faith ‘in support of a fellow human. Inspiring.

‘Um, yeah ‘I ‘d like to be called a hero. I did this for attention and praise so I would appreciate if I got some. ‘

‘My hairline was receding anyway and the men in my family have a history of baldness. But, other than that, it just seemed like the right thing to do. ‘ Who knows what LeBron would have done if some nobody wasn ‘t there to shave in solidarity. ‘I ‘m guessing he would ‘ve probably killed himself if I wasn ‘t there to join him in his struggle.”I reached out to LeBron James, with no success, to try and get a statement about Steven ‘s bravery and support.”I mean, I ‘m betting he is probably thankful for what I ‘ve done, ‘ Steven guessed, ‘if I didn ‘t support Mr. James, who would ‘ve? ‘

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