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NBA Draft Report: Eastern Conference Teams Embracing ‘Wait Out LeBron James Jr. ‘ Strategy

While LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers may have lost in this year ‘s NBA Finals, LeBron ‘s reign on the Eastern Conference is unquestioned. This year marked an incredible seventh straight season his team has won the East.

However, while LeBron is still putting up prime-level stats, he will turn 33 next season, so his window of remaining dominant years can almost certainly be counted on one hand at this point.

But that ‘s not the case at all for his eldest son, LeBron James Jr. At the tender age of 12, he is already showing flashes of his dad ‘s talent, and may turn out to be just as good, or even better.

Therefore, other Eastern Conference teams are electing to ‘wait LeBron Jr. out ‘ rather than challenging him, stockpiling draft picks until he starts to slow down in the late 2030 ‘s.

LeBron James Jr.

‘Realistically, this conference will be run for years to come by LeBron Jr., ‘ said Chicago Bulls general manager Gar Forman, who has actively been looking to trade his team ‘s top star, Jimmy Butler, for a high pick in Thursday ‘s draft. ‘What ‘s the point of making the playoffs and getting swept by him? ‘

‘LeBron Jr. a generational talent; maybe even the best ever to play the game, ‘ echoed Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge, who traded down from the draft ‘s #1 overall pick to the #3 pick, in order to acquire an additional future first-rounder.

‘So once Bronny is done, we want our team ready to pounce and bring Banner 18 to Boston. ‘

While the conference ‘s other teams are following suit, the New York Knicks will reportedly be taking an even more conservative route, waiting out LeBron James III ‘s prime until the late 2060 ‘s.

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