By: Alex Pearson

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What’s The Greatest Witch Hunt Ever? Salem vs the Russia Investigation

If you believe the president, his administration is currently experiencing the greatest witch hunt in American history. That ‘s a bold claim, but, before we brush it aside, let ‘s see how the Russia investigation actually stacks up against the most notable witch hunt of American history:

Political Context

Salem: Deeply divided between two contentious parties, heavily influenced by manipulative religious factions, and involved in seemingly unending warfare with a complex web of enemy nations and tribal groups.
Russia Investigation: Same, but also Twitter and Facebook.

First Incident

Salem: A young child, believed to be possessed by a witch, spouting gibberish and acting uncontrollably.
Russia Investigation: An old man, believed to be possessed by a young child, spouting gibberish and acting uncontrollably.

Most Sensational Claim

Salem: Witches ‘ Coven
Russia Investigation: Troll ‘s Covfefe

Captive with an Unusual Name Doomed to be Thrown Under the Bus

Salem: Tituba
Russia Investigation: Reince Priebus

Alleged Signs of Evil Presence

Salem: Pinched skin, red cats, black dogs, and a white-haired man who makes you sign the devil ‘s book
Russia Investigation: Orange skin, Russian diplomats, glowing orbs, and the same white-haired man who makes you sign the devil ‘s book and his name is Steve Bannon.

Possible Explanation

Salem: Convulsive ergotism from rye bread.
Russia Investigation: Compulsive egotism from liar ‘s head

Were Lots of Innocent People Murdered in a Truly Tragic Case of Ruthless Scapegoating and Mass Hysteria?

Salem: Yes
Russia Investigation: No

Was it Just an Impetuous Leader Who Continues to Make a Bad Situation Worse by Suspiciously Trying to Block an Investigation into a Credible Threat Surrounding His Administration and Then Straight Up Admitting to It?

Salem: No
Russia Investigation: Yes

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