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8 Conversation Starters To Let Him Know He’s A “Good Guy”

Men want to be ‘good guys. ‘ But how can they ever know you think that? Say any of these and don ‘t worry ‘ THEY ‘LL KNOW!

‘Looks like I won ‘t be needing this rape whistle. ‘

‘So I noticed I ‘m not scared of your penis. ‘

‘You seem like the kind of guy a girl would date if you were friends for a while and you were the only guy around. ‘

‘You ‘re like a brother to me. ‘

‘Your lightsaber would be green or blue but definitely not red. ‘

[Pets him] ‘Your fur is very nice. ‘

‘My boyfriend could learn a thing or two from you. ‘

‘I ‘m pregnant with the bartender ‘s baby. Can you take me to Lamaze? ‘

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