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10 Job Interview Questions You Never Saw Coming

No matter how much you prepare ‘
No matter how well you know the company ‘s history and office culture ‘
No matter how bulletproof your resume is ‘

The hiring manager is going to throw you a curveball during the interview.

If you really want the job, you better have answers, and good ones, to the following questions.

‘Where do you see yourself in 5 mirrors? ‘

‘You a cop? ‘

‘What ‘s your pain threshold? ‘

‘What are MY greatest strengths? ‘

‘Do you think my eyes match my face? ‘

‘You haven ‘t googled “wage gap ‘ recently, have you? ‘

‘Are you more of a Samantha or a serial killer? ‘

‘Don ‘t you think my office camping trip idea would be fun? ‘

‘How do they cram all that graham? ‘

‘Would you be that one person in the office who ‘s always coughing? ‘

‘Even if we can ‘t offer you the job, will you endorse me for “style ‘ on LinkedIn? ‘

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