By: Michael Burke

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Republican Health Care Bill Reveal Party

A couple opens up the Republican Health Care Bill to finally see what's actually inside.

Heidi Gardner – Katie
Eliot Schwartz – Dave
Taylor Bassett – Dan
Linda Rich – Jan
Party Guests – Laura Lee Walsh, Michelle Molbegott, Ian Schwartz, Kate Lilly, Joaquin Poropat
Michael Burke – Writer / Director / Editor
Nathan Cornett – Director of Photography
Ashley Swanson – Production Designer / Special Effects
Yoli Poropat – Production Manager
Forrest Wheeler – Production Assistant
Ioana Vasile – Camera Operator
Allan De Leon – Camera Assistant
Killian DeLuke – Set Dresser
Harold Osorio – Set Dresser
Jordy Scheinberg – Wardrobe Stylist
Alexandra Izdebski – Wardrobe Assistant
Emily Mefford – Hair and Make Up
Chris Bennett / BoTown Sound – Sound Mixing

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