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7 Other Fake Things At Donald Trump ‘s Golf Club

David Fahrenthold from The Washington Post has found a fake TIME magazine cover displayed in a few of Donald Trump ‘s Golf resorts. This is an embarrassing discovery that really speaks to how ego driven the president is.

the TIME magazine cover

I wondered if Trump has any other fake things in any of his many golf clubs. So, I did some digging myself and found some rather odd, fake stuff. See below.

A Fake American League MVP Trophy and Gold Glove

This guy must be crazy!

What is he thinking? We all know he never played in the MLB! This is textbook narcissism. Leave it to ’45 ‘ to lead us to think that he was, for a full season, the best defensive player at his position. Lies! The more I walked around his resorts, the more fake stuff I found. It turned into a sort of Easter egg hunt except instead of a hunt for eggs, it was for fake things and instead of Easter it is just Wednesday.

A Lamborghini Made Out Of Scrap Metal Parked On The 6th Hole Green

This guy trying to fool us again! He has been on the cover of TIME and can afford to own a Lamborghini. So, why have fake versions of both of those things?

Ha! Not fooling us this time, Mr. President. If you look closely, this isn ‘t a real Lamborghini. Normally, these supercars are imported from Italy and not made of scrap metal. Yet, there it is, a fake Lamborghini displayed for all to see in the middle of his golf course! The balls on this guy!

A Platinum Album For His Fake Hit Single

A billion copies sold of a song I ‘ve never heard of?!

This one just straight up pisses me off. People work their whole lives for one of these. Fake, fake, fake!

A ‘Best President ‘ Trophy

Just sitting there

This one was a little bit confusing and, frankly, disturbing. It may seem like an innocent, dollar store trophy at first but when I did a little bit more investigating, it became more ‘ominous. The trophy, topped with a basketball player going in for a monster slam dunk, has no words other than ‘Best President. ‘ Now that wouldn ‘t be all that bad, considering he is the current president. In my experience, it ‘s not that unusual to own a thing that says ‘best dad”or “best boss ‘ if that is the thing that you currently are. No, what is unordinary about this fake award is that it is labeled as ‘Best President 2013. ‘ What could that mean? He was not president then. Did he have this made in anticipation of becoming president? Did he know something in 2013 that we didn ‘t? Why is it just sitting on that random table like that? Just like the TIME cover, there are a lot of unanswered questions with this fake thing.

A Fake Golf Course

What the heck is going on here?!

This guy is a true egomaniac. He has the damn gull to advertise this place as a golf club, when in reality, the only coarse here was a projected image onto a screen in the lobby! I thought ‘Man, this guy has so much fake stuff here! How could people not notice these. ‘ I guess David Fahrenthold and I just have an eye for these things.

Teen Choice Award

This one is a little different. I really don ‘t know if it is fake or not. The TIME magazine, MLB awards, car, album, ‘Best President ‘ award, and golf coarse are all clear fakes. This, however, could legitimately be a Teen Choice Award propped up against a shirt rack at his gift shop. I threw it in here anyway. Again, I don ‘t know if this one is fake.

Guinness World Records Certificate

Best what?

Best what? This is so obviously a fake, but my main gripe with it isn ‘t the forgery, I don ‘t understand what the record here is. What is the statement he is making here? I guess only Trump himself knows.

It really is a shame that our president, even with all the legitimate successes he ‘s had, still has such a big ego that he feels the need to surround himself with counterfeit awards and possessions.

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