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Top Comments: The Good, The Bad, The Funny

In olden days, if audiences wanted to share their thoughts and opinions with strangers they would have to mail out handwritten letters and wait for horse-riding mailmen to deliver those comments over a four-to-eight week period. Now, those mailmen have been replaced by dial-up modems and their horses have been replaced by Al Gore.

Anyway, here ‘s what stood out in the comments this week!

The Good

On Instagram, we learned that a lot of people know J.K. Rowling ‘s real name.

The Bad

In sadder news this week, on our YouTube video How A Bill Becomes A Law: Trumpcare Edition we discovered that Funny Or Die is ‘libtarded.”It ‘s unclear whether or not this diagnoses is terminal.

We also found out we ‘re fake media. Tough week.

The Funny

On Facebook, several commenters helped us to picture Tom Hanks having sex.

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