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5 Kim Kardashian Moments That’ll Make You Say Oh Wait, I’m Thinking Of George Wendt

Maybe you love her. Maybe you don ‘t. Either way, Kim Kardashian is no doubt one of our generation ‘s most prominent figures. Let ‘s take a look at some of her most unforgettable moments.

Her Performances at Second City

Before her reality show, before Kimoji, even before Kanye, Kim started out at The Second City comedy theater. She graduated in 1975, performing weekly with the esteemed improv troupe. Alongside legends such as Dan Akroyd and John Belushi, she ‘hold on. I ‘m sorry, I was actually thinking of George Wendt.

Her First Appearance on Cheers

‘Norm! ‘ That ‘s how they ‘d greet Kim Kardashian every time her character walked into Cheers. Along with Ted Danson and Rhea Pearlman, Kardashian was one of three cast members to appear on all 275 episodes. For 11 seasons, Kim played the lovable, beer-guzzling Norm who- oh shoot I did again. That was George Wendt. Definitely George Wendt.

‘Da Bears! ‘

In one of SNL ‘s classic sketches, Kim played Chicago Super fan Bob Swerski ‘ darn it darn it darn it! Mr. Wendt, you got me again!

Norm Returns to Frasier

Reprising her famous character Norm, the 53-year old Kardashian sister reunited with former cast members Rhea Pearlman and John Ratzenberger on the Cheers-spinoff Frasier. In a reunion episode for the ages, Wendt- oh boy. This is so embarrassing. Let ‘s just move on, forget this ever happened.

George Wendt ‘s Commencement Speech at St. Xavier ‘s

Wendt was born and raised in Chicago ‘s South Side. So it was no surprise in 2016 when Chicago ‘s St. Xavier University invited the youngest Kardashian sister to deliver the 2016 commencement speech. Waaaait a second. I just realized I ‘m not thinking of Kim- I ‘m thinking of Khlo ‘. Whoops! Khlo ‘ was the one who gave the commencement speech in George Wendt ‘s hometow- ahh! Double whoops! Thinking of George Wendt again. Sorry George!

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