By: Brian Boone

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The 20 Worst Things Donald Trump Jr. Has Done On The Internet

The son of the president may have used email / the internet to collude with Russian officials prior to the 2016 presidential election. It ‘s just the latest example of what for Trump Jr. is some classically bad netiquette. These are the other bad things that he has done online:

  1. Swindled an innocent Nigerian prince out of $10 million.

  2. Forwarded everybody that email that said Bill Gates would give a million dollars to everybody who read that email.

  3. Downloaded a shit-ton of Dream Theater on Napster. Then Kazaa. Then Limewire.

  4. Coined and copyrighted the term ‘The Fappening. ‘

  5. Clicked and subsequently didn ‘t believe what happened next.

  6. Frequently comments on rap videos on YouTube about how rap music is just noise and that it should be called ‘CRAP ‘ music.

  7. Was one of the Icy Hot Stuntaz.

  8. Gave Perez Hilton the idea to draw semen dribbles on celebrities ‘ faces.

  9. Sold a guy a boat on eBay, and when the boat arrived, it was a photograph of the boat.

  10. Took a Buzzfeed ‘Which Hogwarts House Would the Sorting Hat Place You Quiz ‘ more than 40 times until he got Slytherin.

  11. Never Venmos when he says he will Venmo.

  12. Hadn ‘t made a vlog post in a while, and when he finally did, he didn ‘t apologize for not having made a vlog post in a while.

  13. Was an investor in Flooz.

  14. Accidentally liked one his ex-girlfriend ‘s vacation photos on Facebook one night at like at 3 a.m., five months after said vacation occurred.

  15. Writes ‘so hot ‘ on porn stars ‘ Instagram posts.

  16. Remember ‘Virtual Crack ‘? He invented that.

  17. Via email, may have colluded with Russian government on ways to alter 2016 presidential election.

  18. Actually signed up for ClassMates.

  19. Still uses MySpace.

  20. Wrote DIE in this article ‘s comments.

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