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How To Tell Your Parents You’re Dating A Ghost

Introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents can be hard, but if they ‘re also a ghost you might have to be a little more delicate when you do it. Here ‘s how.

Start with ‘M-m-m-Mom?!!! D-d-d-Dad?!! ‘ to set the tone.

Wait until one or both of them dies so that they will be more understanding.

Introduce him as your boo.

‘I ‘m just into much older men, I guess. ‘

Tell them it was love at first fright.

‘All those times you walked in on me masturbating, I wasn ‘t doing it weird, we were having sex. ‘

Tell them you met a free spirit.

Tell them he ‘s more than just an ‘imaginary friend. ‘

Have Whoopi Goldberg say it for you.

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