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How to Politely Tell Someone That They Smell Terrible

When summertime rolls around it ‘s no surprise that the excessive heat can make hygiene a real issue for some of your friends. And as a nice person, you need a nice way to let them know that they smell like they spent the night in a garbage can. Consider any of the following when you want to subtly make your point.

‘I love being near you because French onion soup is my favorite smell. ‘

Let yourself start to smell terrible and then bring it up like ‘Oh, let ‘s all just shower and what-not, ya know? ‘

Get a British person to do it.

Say to them ‘You smell terrible, please. ‘

Apply deodorant to yourself and casually offer like you ‘re just being nice.

‘Do you want a mint for your butt? ‘

‘I hear there is a two for one shower deal over at the Y. ‘

Make them a necklace made out of car fresheners.

When they come over, light enough scented candles to burn your house down.

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