By: Pom Klementieff

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Pom Klementieff Auditions For All This Year’s Summer Movies

Pom Klementieff may be best known for the character “Mantis” in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but did you know that she also auditioned for a number of this summer's blockbuster films?

Written by Jason Flowers
Directed & Edited by Matt Mayer
Starring: Pom Klementieff and Sheila Carrasco
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Producer: Luke Esselen
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Director Of Photography: Matt Sweeney
Production Designer: Sage Griffin
Set Dresser: Lyla Flashman
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Camera Operator: William Christensen
Gaffer: Alex Gracie
Key Grip: Jonathan Na
Wardrobe Stylists: Michelle Thompson and John Thompson
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Production Assistants: Nabeer Khan and Ryland Marcus
Thanks: Sarah Snedeker

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