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11 Ways to Know This Is Real Life and Not a Dream

Every night you get in bed, lay your head on the pillow, pull the covers over yourself, and drift off to dreamland ‘ BUT MAYBE YOU DON ‘T.

Maybe THAT was all a dream. So, how the hell are you supposed to tell that this is your boring life and not a dream? Watch out for any of these things.

Your teeth only fall out maximum one per day

Back pain at age 28

You ‘re broke as fuck

Every time you die you stay dead

Spider-Man is still white

Guac is extra

MTV cameras follow your every move

It ‘s still spelled ‘Berenstain Bears ‘

Scooby and the gang weren ‘t backing you up when you started cursing out your boss

Employers still demand 2-3 years prior experience for an entry level job

You ‘ll need a totem

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