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11 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Plot Points You Forgot About

Chances are you could use a refresher on some of the plot points that you might not remember from previous seasons. Certainly, you can expect most of these to pay off in a big way.

The White Walkers agreed to pay for the Wall.

Jon Snow pronounced it ‘expresso ‘ and Ygritte didn ‘t let him forget it for a week.

The dragons refused to call Daenerys ‘ boyfriend ‘Dad. ‘

Bran started a podcast.

Sansa said ‘yes ‘ to two boys asking her to prom.

Melisandre ‘s vagina-smoke monster killed Mr. Eko.

The Hound and The Mountain teamed up to develop a secret plan to get their divorced parents back together.

Samwell competed in the ‘Great Westeros Bake Off. ‘

Bran was denied healthcare.

Daenerys frees the workers at an Amazon shipping facility.

Brienne and Podrick realized their map was upside down and had walked the wrong way for three episodes.

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