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Rejected Peyton Manning ESPY Jokes

Peyton Manning hosted the 2017 ESPY Awards and boy did he go in. He really roasted athletes and celebs alike with hard hitting jokes like this one about Kevin Durant.

Here ‘s a list of some other jokes that Peyton just felt were too edgy for the hottest Sports Award Show going on that night.

  • The NFL has been such a mess lately. Roger Goodell really is a ‘ Master of None
  • Did you guys hear that Serena Williams is pregnant? What a ‘ racket!
  • The Atlanta Falcons are gonna win a lot of awards ‘well, until the last quarter of the show!
  • There was a black guy in the Stanley Cup this year. WOW!
  • The Chicago Cubs are here tonight after not being invited for 71 years.
  • Lavar Ball said he ‘d be a better host than me. What a trash talker!
  • If Donald Trump played sports ‘he ‘d be bad!
  • This award show will go long tonight ‘unlike the NBA finals!
  • I saw Lebron James carrying a ton of boxes earlier. He had NO help!
  • Hey, how about that Kevin Durant joke I told earlier. It was sooooo good, that Kevin Durant announced he will be telling it later.

Wowzers. Thanks, Peyton for taking it really easy on us and not being the roast champion we know you could be.

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