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Gossip Spy Can’t Resist Interrogation (ep 4)

British double agent and world's chattiest spy, Gareth Farley, resists interrogation for almost 5 seconds before cracking and spilling the beans on everything. *Everything* Visit to be the first to hear about all our latest releases and behind the scenes gossip! Gossip Spy 4 Starring: Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse Featuring: Darrel Glen Haynes as the Henchman Written by Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas (We Are Thomasse) Directed by Ed Ballart Sound by Nico Pierce Edited by Peter Macaluso Makeup by Gabrielle Rossbach Produced by Zonino Productions & We Are Thomasse (Sarah Ann Thomas) Special Thanks to Ruth Jervis, Ed Toolis and Charles and Enid Humfrey. Twitter: @WeAreThomasse Facebook: Instagram: @WeAreThomasse

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