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The Rest of Arya Stark’s To-Do List

Joffrey. Cersei. Walder Frey. Over the course of the Game of Thrones TV series, Arya Stark accumulated quite the to-do list. Thanks to a few little birds, we got our hands on that list – and it turns out Arya might have some plans other than a murderous rampage:

Kill Cersei

No duh. Arya can ‘t wait to slit Queen Cersei ‘s throat.

Kill the Mountain

This is a tough one. What ‘s left of The Mountain no longer eats or drinks, so poison is out of the question. Arya could sure use some help to take down ‘Ser Robert Strong ‘ ‘

Find Nymeria

Yes! We haven ‘t seen Nymeria since Arya let her loose in Season 1. Nymeria would be the perfect ally on Arya ‘s murder spree.

Kill Nymeria


Take a bath

Wait, she ‘s just going to skip past the Nymeria thing like that??? We know you like murder now, but the people had it coming! Nymeria bit Joffrey, like once.

Voice lessons

Well, if Arya is going to continue the Face/Off thing, she ‘ll need to practice her vocal impersonation skills. At least she ‘s becoming a well-rounded assassin ‘

Make ginger guy write me song

I mean, Arya did like Ed Sheeran ‘s voice, but he ‘s a Lannister soldier. Also, this has nothing to do with murder.

Kill ginger guy

Great. Back to the senseless killing.

Release single

Uhhh, pretty sure this is not what Jaqen H'ghar had in mind ‘

Throw release party

First off, where? If this doesn ‘t lead to mass murder we ‘re going to be very disappointed.

Make sure party has clams & cockels

If you ‘re going to poison an entire party, I guess it ‘s easy to place the blame on raw shellfish?

Invite the Hound to party

A-ha! Her master plan all along. Time to finish the job!

Apologize to The Hound

Wow, the show is way different from the books.

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