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The 13 Flags That Got Planted at WWE Battleground 2017

Phil-a-delphia freedooooooommmm ‘

CITY: Philadelphia, PA
VENUE: Wells Fargo Center

The final Smackdown Event before Summerslam, Battleground brings us one of the most complex gimmick matches of all time – not even the Singh Brothers could explain it on Tuesday night. Regardless, we still have a card full of great matches so let ‘s settle it on ‘The Battleground!

1) WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods) vs. The Usos (Jimmy, Jey) ‘

‘Don ‘t blame me I ‘m just the background white guy. ‘

The Usos and The New Day had a rap battle hosted by Wale on Independence Day. Both teams went in on each other – the Usos called out the Xavier Woods sex tape. Holy shit The Usos are doing the best work of their career right now.

Xavier and Kofi are going to go after it tonight for New Day so Xavier goes ahead and gets his ass kicked by both Usos. Young Woods rallies with a missle dropkick and Kofi flies into the ring and kicks everyone named Uso with his custom Jeremy Scott Adidas.

‘I got them on Adidas Confirmed! ‘

The Usos are Nike guys so they drag everyone outside and beat their asses. Woods is really good at getting his ass kicked but even better at not getting pinned. He accesses his top rope signature maneuver but Jimmy Uso literally kicks him out of the sky.

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