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This Is Why Eating Healthy Is Hard (Time Travel Dietician)

Eating is one of the greatest gifts of life. But eating healthy has to be one of the most frustrating, difficult things to make yourself do. Even harder than making popular music. First of all, nutritious foods sort of taste sucky. And even though it might be rewarding to paint your dream salad, the only way I can actually eat a dream salad would be if it had zero vegetables or lettuce at all.

Secondly, the best dieting advice is hard to find, contradictory, and who the hell knows what foods to eat right now in the first place? It ‘s constantly changing. Coffee is good, but it ‘s bad. Eggs are bad, but they ‘re good (no one can decide if eggs are good are bad). And yes, while healthy eating habits will improve your life, where do you start?

Case in point: you sit down, it ‘s 1979. You want to enjoy a beautiful meal your wife has prepared. You go to take a bite, but NOPE, SORRY THERE GUY, what you ‘re about to eat will KILL YOU. Watch as one man braves flipflopping diet info as he tries to have breakfast.

Director: Elliot Dickerhoof
Producers: Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman, Elliot Dickerhoof
Writers: Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman
Actors: Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman, Kelly Vrooman
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
DP: Cody Jacobs
Gaffer: Jordan Holtane
AC: Giselle Gonzalez
Sound Mixer: Marcos Castro
Costume Designer: Kate Bergh
Hair and Makeup Artist: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
PA: Elyssa Phillips

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