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WHAT THE HISTORY! – Fahrenheit vs Celsius

Boy, oh boy is it getting hot in here! When Fahrenheit and Celsius go head to head things come to a boil as these two men get the measure of each other. Will Celsius freeze Fahrenheit out? Will Fahrenheit give Celsius the cold shoulder? Watch and find out! Visit to be the first to hear about all our latest releases and behind the scenes gossip! WHAT THE HISTORY! – Fahrenheit vs Celsius Starring: Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse Written by Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas (We Are Thomasse) Directed by Ed Ballart Sound by Nico Pierce Edited by Ed Ballart Hair & Makeup by Gabby Rossbach Produced by Zonino Productions & We Are Thomasse (Sarah Ann Thomas) Special Thanks to Ruth Jervis, Ed Toolis and Charles and Enid Humfrey. Twitter: @WeAreThomasse Facebook: Instagram: @WeAreThomasse

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