By: Brian Steele

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Detective Expecting P.D.

DIRECTED AND WRITTEN BY: Brian Steele DP: Nate Cornett SOUND: Darren Augustus EDITOR: Staci Roberts Steele PRODUCERS: Brian Steele and Staci Roberts Steele SOUND MIXING: Dominic Bartolini CAST: Detective Expecting P.D.: Staci Roberts Steele Rocky: Tim Rock Captain: Joe Hart Husband: Jim Kane Dr. Johnson: Desiree Stein Clint: Jason Glass Sanders: Ryan Sutton-Stevens McGillicutty: Holt Bailey Dog: Special Agent Dr. Dana Catherine Scully, FBI Cops: Tom Larkin, Sean Mullin, Colin Campbell, Charlie Lind SHOT ON LOCATION: Nvisionate Studios SPECIAL THANKS: Jim Kane, Alyson Roux, Ari Frenkel and Freida Steele ‘ 2017 SteeleSquared, All Rights Reserved.

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