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Inspiring: This man has been trying to scare the fearless girl statue for 122 days

Talk about integrity. Ever since the day it was installed, Clive Grogan has been trying to frighten the Fearless Girl statue. He will never, ever give up.

On the day the statue appeared, Clive snuck up behind the Fearless Girl with a balloon and a hatpin. On day eight he told her that the rough patch on her leg was a symptom of legionnaires disease, and asked if she had been near any air conditioning.

On day thirty he dressed up in a back cape and a white mask like No Face from Spirited Away, and on day forty-three he told her that her aunt had been in a car crash.

Truly inspirational.

The eighty-first day saw Clive watching, unblinking, from a fourth storey window from the moment the sun rose until it had disappeared below the horizon. On day eighty-two he was still there.

To mark the hundredth day, Clive mocked up a copy of the New York Times declaring antibiotics had become ineffective.

This man should be an example to us all.

Clive has made it clear that he will not stop until he has frightened the award-winning bronze installation ‘ no matter how long it takes.His level of bloody mindedness is something so-called sportspeople could learn from.

Next time you are on Wall Street, keep an eye out for Clive.If you ‘re lucky you might see him holding a sword, or wearing a prosthetic bloody claw.

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