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The HUGE Game of Thrones Easter Egg You Might Have Missed

Last night ‘s episode contained an easter egg that could prove to be critical to the future of the series. Let ‘s take a second to dive deep into a pivotal moment during “Eastwatch ‘ to uncover the truth.

The GoT showrunners have been peppering Thrones fans for years with little clues hinting to Jon Snow ‘s parentage. In this episode we heard Gilly drop a potential hint that Jon may in fact be the true Targaryen heir and we also saw Jon getting along quite nicely with one of the Targaryen dragons. But one thing the casual viewer may have missed was included in that interaction between Jon and the dragon.

Let ‘s take an even closer look.

Look familiar???

Yep. The Eye of Sauron. Is it possible that Sauron is watching the goings-on in Westeros? Is it possible the real enemy isn ‘t just the Army of the Dead beyond the Wall but also Sauron ‘s Army in Mordor? Could Sauron be the Game of Thrones equivalent of Christopher Columbus, making his trek to what he considers to be the New World? I think it is HIGHLY LIKELY and here are some more reasons why:


A good chunk of time passes between Tolkien ‘s “The Hobbit ‘ and the first installment of the LOTR trilogy. What was Bilbo doing with all of his time in between the novels? He was plotting and scheming on Westeros, that ‘s what. As fans of the show know, there are no other “dwarfs ‘ like Tyrion in Westeros which means that “dwarfs ‘ don ‘t actually exist in Westeros. But hobbits exist. They exist on Middle Earth. And Bilbo, persuaded by the evil Sauron in a yet-to-be-written-novel-that-I ‘m-currently-writing, has joined the evil forces in Middle Earth and is looking for ways to help Sauron conquer Westeros. After all he is helping the Mother of Dragons aka the Mother of Sauron ‘s Eye. Which brings me to my next point.


It ‘s pretty obvious, guys. Which doesn ‘t really bring me to my next point but here it anyways.


This one ‘s also pretty obvious. Look at the R.R. initials. Look at the white hair. Yes “Tolkien ‘ passed away in 1973 but that doesn ‘t mean he couldn ‘t still be alive today in an alternate timeline or universe. While not currently technologically possible, time travel has been proven to be scientifically possible and if a future version of “R.R ‘ were able to access such technology who ‘s to say he isn ‘t traveling through various wormholes and writing different bits of connected fantasy mythologies? I mean you ‘d have to absolutely insane to believe otherwise.

4. I Had A Vision That Confirmed These Rumors

I have “visions ‘ from time to time. In 1999 when I was eleven I had a “vision ‘ that the San Antonio Spurs would win the NBA championship in a strike shortened season. When I was 17 I made the decision to skip my high school ‘s winter ball because I had a “vision ‘ that I would poop my pants that night. I did poop my pants. But I pooped my pants in the comfort of my own home, in a terrible pair of pants that I didn ‘t want anyways. My “visions ‘ are the real deal. And yesterday as I was driving past the Del Taco on Glenoaks and Alameda in Burbank I had a vision. Middle Earth. Westeros. IT WAS ALL CONNECTED!!! When I woke from my “vision ‘ my car was rammed against a traffic light. As I came to, waving the engine smoke from my eyes, I found a hazel-eyed elderly man pinned between the traffic light and my car. I went out to help the poor man. “Are you okay elderly man?! ‘
He replied, “Trust your ‘visions ‘ my boy! ‘
It was at this moment that his hazel eyes transformed into something else.
‘Twas the Eye of Sauron. He was watching.

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