By: Shelby Slauer

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Sad! The Philadelphia Zoo Went On Lockdown After A Man Taught The Gorillas About The Terri Schiavo Case In Sign Language

We all remember the Terri Schiavo case, in which a woman spent half her life in a vegetative state before her husband had her feeding tube removed. Well, you ‘re gonna want to get the tissues for this one. After a man taught the gorillas in the Philadelphia zoo about the Terri Schiavo case in sign language, the zoo went on lockdown because the gorillas were deemed too outraged to be safe to patrons.

Talk about a major bummer.

The man, a right-to-life activist still disgusted by the outcome of the case, wanted to inform everyone about the injustice that transpired with Terri Schiavo, even Philadelphia gorillas. And once he had, the gorillas began frantically signing back and showing signs of aggression.

A zookeeper from the gorilla exhibit apparently even saw these events occur and decided to share his experience on Facebook:

Let this be a lesson: best to keep controversial right to life cases out of the minds of potentially aggressive primates. The Philadelphia Zoo will open again in a few days, but the gorillas will always feel divided by the death debate.

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