By: Ashley Arlow

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Asking Boys On Tinder to Review M. Night Shamylan’s Classic Film “Devil”

About a year ago I watched the film “Devil ‘, and to my detriment could not form an opinion about it! Did I like it or hate it?! Who knows what ‘s happening in this lady brain! So, I polled the boys of Tinder to see what their opinion on the 2010 film “Devil ‘ directed by M. Night Shyamalan and staring the Mindy Project ‘s Chris Messina.

This was the profile I made. Don ‘t worry, I asked my boyfriend for permission and he said “Ashley, shut up its 3 am go to bed! ‘ For the record my Anthem is “Working Girl ‘ by Dolly Parton.

In the 24 hours I Tindered I got 72 matches, and I messaged every single of of those 72 matches what they thought about “Devil ‘. I received many responses! Here ‘s the highlights:

I appreciated Diego ‘s answer because he gave me a clear answer that I could understand. I did not appreciate his attack on my PERSONAL TASTE AND ABILITY TO MEASURE OUT CINNAMON.

Kyle was a silly goose, but I think I really helped him with his confidence. I mean, could you imagine sitting in a theatre and thinking everyone else suspected the old lady when you didn ‘t. Poor Kyle.

At first I was impressed by Shawn, he has his own publication after all. I didn ‘t appreciate him asking for outside opinions and then attacking that persons body! I mean, at first it made me feel cool, like being a popular girl in middle school, but then I realized it was wrong and I told my mom.

I think my reaction GIF says it all here. F*** you, Christian.

A-ron really tried to impress me with his movie knowledge, that much is clear, but he was trying to trick me by throwing out communist jargon. Little did he know, I ‘m a communist queen and therefore could decipher that he was lying!

Then there was Sami! He thought it was nice! Like a polite date to the spring promenade, was “Devil ‘ to Sami.

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