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The 20 Characters that came Back from the Dead on “The Defenders” s01e02 – “Mean Right Hook”

Heroes hitting heroes, characters back from the dead, and the first appearance of the Bronx on a Marvel Netflix series. You might recall in this universe the Bronx is a borough of New York City, which is itself a borough of Hell ‘s Kitchen.

No MSG here, though; it ‘s all SPOILERS.

1) Fight Club


The city is in chaos because Trump is in town the earthquake.

Matt Murdock is thirsty AF for an ass whooping and takes down some teenagers. New York City teens are supervillains whose power is overwhelming cockiness.

2) Seismic ratings

The radio show is just an hour of Trish saying “shhhh ‘

We ‘re live on the air with “Trish Talk. ‘ The earthquake was centered on Hell ‘s Kitchen. Swear to God Hell ‘s Kitchen isn ‘t this interesting IRL.

A caller tells us the earthquake wasn ‘t deep enough to be a naturally occurring event then gets cut off. I guess she ‘ll take her answer off the air.

3) Don ‘t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23

“You ‘re pretty uppity for a white girl. ‘

Misty Knight checks out the big box of explosives that Jessica found last ep. Hey, it ‘s a meet cute!

Or not. Jessica takes off before they can discover they ‘ve both flirted with Luke Cage. And she steals some of the boom sticks.

4) Was it a Hattori Hanzo?

“And then what did Elmo say, Colleen? ‘

Colleen and Danny remember the Sewer Bro from episode one called Danny “Iron Fist. ‘ They try to figure out how he knew this while Danny feels bad about himself. Finally; something he ‘s good at.

Colleen shows Danny that the sword the guy used was one of only 10 in world. Ooh, a rare Pok ‘mon!

5) Sounds like the color red


Matt listens at his box of Daredevil. He wants to wear it SOOO bad. Not until your birthday Matt!

6) Bronx cheer

When Luke Cage met The Rock

Claire and Luke Cage help the cleanup in Harlem. Luke tells her about the kids that keep showing up dead. She tells him to check out a bar on 180th called “Trouble in Paradise. ‘ B ‘but that ‘s in the Bronx!

7) Mozart, Moproblems

“God I love being a rich asshole. ‘

Alexandra Grant listens at a string quartet overlooking Central Park. Play some Skynyrd, man!

Madame Gao shows up to tell Grant she ‘s worried. Grant laughs it off with the confidence of a rich white woman.

8) Dewey Decimal System

“Is the decimal called a ‘Dewey Decimal? ‘ It just looks like a period. Call it the period system. Oh wait ‘ ‘

Jessica engages in some HOT! RESEARCH! ACTION! Following a trail of corporate shell companies all the way back to 1820. The NPC librarian tells her to head uptown to look for more answers, but then Jeri Hogarth shows up with a “follow me if you want to live. ‘

“I come here to pick up librarians all the time. ‘

9) Superheroics Anonymous

“Can you believe I ‘m not the biggest wiener on a show this time? ‘

Foggy Nelson and Matt meet at Josie ‘s to catch up. Foggy calls out Murdock for beating up goons. Well who was gonna do it Foggy, you?

Foggy gives Matt some legal leads from his firm; it ‘s like methadone for a superhero addiction.

10) Big brother is watching


Hogarth tells Jessica to drop whatever she ‘s hunting for because she ‘ll get killed by GOVERNMENT.

Jessica then does what she does best – leaves.

11) Rumble in the Bronx

“Why does everything happen in Hell ‘s Kitchen? ‘

Cage grabs an informant at the bar, looking to see if the disappearing kids are a Mariah scheme. He tells Luke to look out for a guy named Whitehead, named so “on account of his unique fashion sense. ‘ That is the exact quote. Can we start calling police “Badgechests? ‘

He sends Luke off to 150th. B ‘but that ‘s almost the Bronx!

12) K'un Lame

“Yeah, Danny ‘definitely looks as cool as you said it was. ‘

Danny and Colleen find a warehouse that is apparently used for Dead People Storage.

Before they leave Danny sees a map on the wall – of K'un Lun. Which is Mandarin for “this place sucks. ‘

13) Foggy the Watch Dog

“Is Jessica ‘s superpower drinking a lot? No, that ‘s her regular power. ‘

Later, Hogarth asks Foggy to keep an eye on Jessica Jones. Man, Foggy just can ‘t get away from these self-destructive heroes. Everyone has a type!

14) Surprise!

“It ‘s not what it looks like, okay? It ‘s not a weird sex thing this time. ‘

Speaking of, Jones is headed back to her office but the door is open. Turns out it ‘s just Malcolm!

Oh, and a dude with a gun. It ‘s our missing architect. Jessica is a shitty PI; she ‘s supposed to find her case, not the other way around.

15) $2.40 / gallon


Meanwhile, some dudes in masks show up at Danny ‘s warehouse to water all the dead bodies with gasoline. You have to do it at least once a day or they start to wilt.

16) We the best murder!

“Tell me what happened on ‘Game of Thrones ‘ while I was dead. ‘

Jessica tries to talk down our MISSING found person who babbles nonsense about “they. ‘ Dude ‘s been spending too much time on Kahled ‘s Snapchat.

Before anything bad can go down someone slices in the front door and attacks. Someone named Elektra! Our boy blows his brains out in a panic.

Elektra takes off and Jessica gives chase but there ‘s no one on the street!

No one except Misty Knight, who ‘s here to make her Arrestica Jones.

“It ‘s not what it looks like, okay? It ‘s not a weird sex thing this time. ‘

17) Getting gassed

Danny and Colleen take out the gasbois in a much less interesting fight – just like his show!

Before Danny can get more answers though ‘

“You must be the boring one. Hi, I ‘m the cool one. ‘

18) Power Man & Iron Fist


Luke and Danny show off and Luke kicks Danny around. Danny tries to kung fu the shit out of Luke only to get the kung fu shitted out of himself.

After some tussle Danny makes a Fist Wish and then UNLOADS on Luke.

Then the cops show up. His Fist Wish came true!

19) Stuck

“Yes, it ‘s because I have a tiny penis. ‘

Alexandra Grant approaches a man with a hood over his head in a giant warehouse. So much happening in the Warehouse District on Netflix Marvel shows.

But it ‘s not a man under the hood – it ‘s a stick! I mean Stick. It ‘s Stick. Stick the Dick. Because he ‘s a Dick. Remember “Daredevil? ‘

20) Attorney client privilege

“Hey Jessica, let ‘s law this asshole. ‘

Jessica is detained at the police station. Misty wants to know what the hell is going on around this series. Before she can answer though, in walks Jessica ‘s attorney – Matt Murdock, The Law Without Fear!

We ‘re pulling the team together quickly; very refreshing compared to the slower pace of the other series. Seeing Matt and Jessica in the same room immediately kicked the energy levels up. Iron Fist is still a bit of a turd but there ‘s something about him and Luke Cage on screen together that feels right.

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