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Planet Earth: Hollywood

The award winning BBC Series, “Planet Earth ‘ has explored deserts, rainforests, mountains and with the latest installment, cities. Now, in this new parody of the nature docu-series, comes an in-depth look at the wildlife in a whole new jungle: HOLLYWOOD. They set their cameras on one of the most interesting and diverse species in this town of tinsel – the actor. See never before captured footage of how these strange and bizarre creatures interact, adapt and ultimately defend their territories. Produced by & Starring: Michael Cotter, Tammy Dahlstrom, Laura Niemi, Jeff Witzke With Special Guests: Kristen Ariza, Beth Crosby, Caroline Fogarty, Ren Hanami, Cameron Kelly, Kelli Kirkland Powers, Blake Silver, Scott Subiono Written by: Michael Cotter & Jeff Witzke Director: Dane Wagner Dir. Of Photography: Naeem Munaf Editor: Brock Lewandowski Sound Design: Matthew Whitehurst Narrator: Jeff Witzke Special Thanks to John Rosenfeld Studios

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