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The 19 Resurrections In “The Defenders” s01e03 – “Worst Behavior”

It ‘s ironic that being so defensive has stopped these heroes from being Defenders. That and the fact that nobody likes Danny Rand.

We have more questions than answers at this point. So let ‘s A those Qs.

1) Elektra Lives Again

“Stop staring at me while I eat you f*cking creepshow. ‘

Alexandra Grant has a delicious meal of thick meat. She and the waiter do the classic They Might Be Giants “Istandbul (Not Constantinople) ‘ bit.

A gentleman in a straw hat interrupts her wet treatz to tell her they have the Black Sky. Oh, it ‘s a flashback! Remember from “Daredevil? ‘

They go to a secure location where Grant rubs her face like she ‘s checking it for ripeness.

They seal Elektra ‘s body in a big egg. After some time, the Elektra hatches, covered in the miracle of (re)birth.

Elektra enjoyed her trip to Hershey Park

Grant and Elektra share a private meal in a giant empty warehouse. What is this, “The Bachelorette? ‘ Alexandra pitches her business: Let ‘s Murder People, Inc.

Elektra ‘s job interview consists of Arkham City training mode against a bunch of Hand ninjas. As a reward Elektra gets a costume upgrade. It ‘s like at Taco Bell when you get a promotion and they give you a different colored shirt.

2) Stuck

“Smells like ‘a sword ‘ ‘

Back in the now Grant teases Stick that his fight is over. Stick is suddenly more interested in Iron Fist than Daredevil; he ‘s the opposite of Netflix viewers!

Grant and Elektra hold Stick at swordpoint and demand to know where is the Iron Fist. This is basically a conversation they ‘d have had on Daredevil but with Danny Rand mad-libbed in.

Before Stick can get stuck he attacks, slices his own hand off and then crawls out a ventilation shaft. Somebody call an exterminator!

3) Attorney-client privilege

“Ms. Jones, what if I told you I could save you hundreds of dollars on printer ink today? ‘

In holding, Jessica Jones is being very Jessica Jones to Matt Murdock. He tells her he knows who she is. She doesn ‘t care and walks out. Matt is confused because women usually fall all over him. Instead he super-eavesdrops on her cell phone conversation when she leaves.

4) Previously on ‘

“Wait, that ‘s not how it happened ‘hm, can you just look up Matt Little ‘s recap on Funny or Die? ‘

In Harlem Luke Cage recaps last episode for people who don ‘t binge television. Claire listens and then is like “Hey, have you watched Iron Fist yet? If not I know the guy from that show! Follow me. ‘

5) Blind date

“You BOTH crossed your arms the best, okay? ‘

Claire and Colleen Wing give Danny and Luke a meet-cute at Colleen ‘s dojo. Luke and Danny fold their arms at each other as hard as they can. Claire tells them they ‘re grounded until they can learn to get along.

6) I always feel like ‘

TFW you realize the East Village has been taken over by NYU and isn ‘t cool anymore.

Jessica meets up with the wife of John Raymond, the man who blew out his own brains in her office last episode. Old people show up and Jessica is allergic to them so she leaves to wander the East Village.

She gets the feeling she ‘s being followed so she gets crafty with the crowd.

Turns out she was right! Here comes Matt Murdock, the man without sight. But what he does have is radar sense, which he was using to track Jessica until she disappeares.

Turns out she super-jumped backwards and now Jessica is following him. He juts down one of those random alleys that only exist in fictional New York and ninjas his way away. Jessica sees this and snaps some pics, but before she can put them on Insta she gets a call from Raymond ‘s firm that they ‘ll see her about the fake project she ‘s using for investigation.

7) White privilege

“How many issues was your origin? ‘

Back at the dojo Luke and Danny swap origin stories. Everyone is relieved; finally someone likes Danny Rand!

Then Danny starts being Danny and ruins it.

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