By: Johnny DiNapoli

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16 Signs Your Knick-Knacks Are All Higgledy-Piggledy

Here are some hints your stuff may not be up to snuff.

1. You ‘ve Got A Mishmash Of Trinkets

2. Your Desk Is Chockablock With Tchotchkes

3. You Flip-Flopped Your Whatsits And Whatnots

4. #MiscellanyMishmash

5. You Can ‘t Tell Your Thingamabobs From Your Thingamajigs

6. You ‘re At Sixes And Sevens With Your Bric-a-Brac

7. Three Words: So. Many. Gimcracks.

8. Your Doodads? They ‘re Askew

9. Your Doohickeys? They ‘re Muddled In With Your Doodads

10. You Totally Flubbed Your Gewgaw Display

11. #BaubleBunchGoneWonky

12. You Got Your Gizmos, Gadgets, and Gubbins In A Hodgepodge

13. You Got A Desk Jam-Packed With Kickshaws

14. You Got Bibelots Up The Wazoo

15. You ‘re Up To Your Neck In Bijouterie

16. Your Kitsch Can ‘t Even

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