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7 Fun Button Down Shirts That’ll Make Your Co-Workers Forget About That Insensitive Social Media Post You Had This Week

It has been a heartbreaking couple of weeks. As White Supremacists, Nazis, and terrorists made their voices known in a way many from Generation Y had never heard before ‘the rest of the world took to social media to counter with peace, love, and equality. Well, most of the world. We know, we know, we know, you watched some of the footage, read some of the headlines, but somehow “misunderstood ‘ exactly what happened. At the end of the day (or beginning rather) you still have to show up, face your office, and stand behind the posts that have all inevitably been seen and shared. But don ‘t worry, we got your back (literally) –

Here are 7 fun button down shirts that ‘ll make your co-workers forget about that insensitive social media post you had this week –

Fun, Colorful Birds

Man, oh man, not only did you use insensitive slang, you also used improper grammar – double whammy. This fun pattern can allow you the option for fun word play ‘ cockatoo/cuckatoo, eh? Ehh??

Gold Metallic

Sheesh, this is a toughie – you didn ‘t source your quote so it ‘s hard to take this logic seriously. Try this gold, metallic button down! It may cause a glare on your co-workers computer screen, making it impossible to re-read your faulty quote.

Black & White

Hm, I don ‘t know, James ‘ I think you are completely missing the point of what was actually going on and I can tell you this much, it had nothing to do with taxes. Usually smoke screens don ‘t involve death, you know? Try this black and white button down – it brings opposites together with a simple checkered print. The checkers can symbolize that “game ‘ you were talking about earlier.


Now, Ann, not only did you post this, you pinned it – holy cow! Let ‘s double up on your button down by not only putting a cat print on it, but literally wrapping your neck with an adorable, resting pussy for people to admire. Just be sure to let people know not to grab it – you wouldn ‘t want to accidentally be strangled and die.

80 ‘s Cool

Wow – who knew Joe Pesci almost wasn ‘t in Goodfellas!? I honestly can ‘t even imagine that film without hi- ‘.oh brother.

Was that really the best part of the press conference, Mark? Really? You might be on your own with that opinion, so button up this radical 80 ‘s inspired pattern. It ‘s so busy and bright, people will be too dizzy looking at you to even consider what you wrote being horribly insensitive.

American Flag

Alrighty, now this is pretty much the one thing most people never want to read or hear (or anything) so you really went for it ‘but that ‘s okay! Double down! Wear this American Flag print to show people you ‘re all about America in the right ways ‘not the Alt. Right ways. MAGA? More like #MAG-NAH!

Darth Vader

Okay, certainly someone who is the literal child of a survivor of the Holocaust should be able to recognize the backwards mentality of the #UniteTheRight movement. However, your way of showing it proved that literally all you see are different “sides ‘ – not cool.

Like the most uncool.

This one is tricky, so let ‘s bring in back up ‘pop culture reference! Who doesn ‘t love Star Wars? Wear this Darth Vader button down to show your co-workers you are with it and want to be part of the resistance – but like, the good kind in the films ‘you get it.

And just like that – your fun button downs will make your co-workers forget all about those insensitive ‘

Oh my goodness, our bad! All of these people work together and are the problem so they aren ‘t embarrassed by their remarks at all.


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