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6 FroYo Flavors To Enjoy While Remembering The Impermanence of Empires

Mmm mmm MMM! Frozen yogurt is always a delicious treat. Below are some delectable flavors to try while pondering the transient nature of civilization.

Cookies ‘n ‘ Cream

Part creamy vanilla, part crunchy chocolate, it ‘s no wonder this simple flavor has been a longtime favorite. Just like the Roman Empire has been a favorite of historians, amazed by their contributions to law, language, and the arts. Yet despite their fourteen hundred year reign, the empire crumbled like the cookie of a beloved dessert.


Mint is a cool, refreshing flavor that stays with you. It ‘ll stay with you while you reflect on how Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire, in pursuit of continental conquest, killed 40 million people- a tenth of the world ‘s population. What of these dead? What of their lives, their loves, their memories? What toppings would they put on their froyo?


The Hittite Empire spanned over four centuries, with its height from 1400-1300 BC ( 3400-3300 BFY). We all know their kings: Tud?aliya I, ‘uppiluliuma I, Mur ‘ili II. Of course, these feared kings and those they ruled over have been dead for over two millennia, along with all their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so forth. Time has swept over them all like the sands of their kingdom. Nom nom banana!


So much yum from such a tiny berry. Makes you think- how did England, the size of Wyoming, govern over 24% of the planet?

Salted Caramel

I know what you ‘re thinking- salt? It might be hard to wrap your head around, but try it once and you ‘ll be singing it ‘s praises. However, you still may struggle to wrap your head around the longevity of the Ottoman Empire, which rose 100 years before the printing press and fell after Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees.


Avocado is currently all the rage. But for how long? What ‘s here today is gone tomorrow. The same stars that shone for the Romans shone for the Ottomans, for Genghis Khan and Tud?aliya I, for you and me. Who do the stars shine for tomorrow?

Oh, and don ‘t forget sprinkles!

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