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Group Text From Hell

WORLD PREMIERE: “Group Text From Hell ‘ You can silence it anytime you want, but you can ‘t ever leave. Written & Directed by: Jen McCartney Producers: Zach Drummer & Tracey McClain Director of Photography: Chris Johnson Editor: Zach Drummer Production Assistant: Jay Balagna Starring: Dana: Marissa Wynne Peter: Dan Masso Friends: Danielle Motley, Jazzy Byner, Carmen Rohde, Jules Forde, Rena Loveman Boss: Ken Breese Music: “Come out and Play ‘ by Darren Curtis “Creepy Ambient Music ‘ by Intranium Records “Chase – Intense Orchestral Music ‘ by Charlie War #grouptext #text #phone #horrormovie #horror #action #trailer #atomicblonde #textchain #friends #hell #lookout If you liked this sketch, support us by liking our facebook page and buying a Nightpantz tee, tote, or mug on Zazzle:

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