By: Malcolm Kelner

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Heartbreaking: Barack Obama Just Realized He Forgot To Take All The Guns Away

Poor Barack Obama. The 44th President just suffered a heartbreaking moment.

Over seven months removed from leaving the White House, Obama finally remembered he totally forgot to take all Americans ‘ guns away.

“NO! ‘ Obama blurted out while lounging in his Washington, D.C. home this morning, to which his wife Michelle ran over and asked what was wrong.

“I just realized, I forgot to take all the guns away, ‘ Obama stammered. “That was one of the main goals of my presidency and I just totally fucking forgot. ‘

Barack went on to tell Michelle that he planned on accomplishing the feat in either one of two realistic ways. The first was issuing an executive order immediately abolishing the second amendment, in which authorities would raid every household in the country to confiscate and melt down all of its approximate 300 million firearms.

The other way, which he had started, was a carefully crafted slippery slope in which he ‘d implement restrictions on gun buying rights for the severely mentally ill, domestic abusers, and felons ‘all under the guise of “gun safety.” But in actuality, it was just a more easily palatable part of the slope, which was meant to strip the right to bear arms for all citizens by the time he left office.

“Either way, the end goal was total martial law, ‘ Obama finished explaining, before pausing in thought.

“You dumbass, Barack! ‘ Obama shouted, striking himself on the forehead multiple times.

This is so sad to see. Clearly, Obama wanted to accomplish this so badly, but got completely sidetracked until it was way too late.

Michelle, however, assured him everything would be fine, since the Deep State would be able to get the job done eventually.

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